Companies/Public Departments And Agencies

In the complex systems of private Companies, Public departments and agencies, I offer specialized Consultancy in the areas of Mediation and Negotiation, as strategic assets that influence and implement a Company/Public department potentiality.

In my book 'The Science of Mediation: theoretical-epistemological foundations and practical profiles', actually available in Italian language, link book, I have outlined what I consider, according to my long experience as Mediator and Negotiator in different conflict environments, not just the potentiality of the Mediation and Negotiation mindset and techniques, but also how to improve and increase their effectiveness, which requires - first of all - to tune in to the specific crisis or conflict context, in order to develop a coherent strategic plan of action, and consequently adopt a successful course of action.

In brief, the aim of the Mediation and Negotiation Consulting service in Companies, Public Departments and Agencies sectors is to stimulate creative and constructive growth, transforming stagnant situations into dynamic opportunities, managing and solving situations of open or latent conflict, thus avoiding the escalation of the conflict both internally of the company and of the public body, and between the Company/Public department and external interlocutors.
This path can also encompass the internal restructuring and reorganization of companies/departments if assessed as necessary.