Expert in the conflict analysis and management field, with a broad cultural background, ranging from the legal to the criminological, from the analytical to the negotiation, as well as psycho-pedagogical fields, she integrates training and legal skills with skills related to analysis behavioral dynamics and criminological analysis.

Mediator and Negotiator, theoretical and practical trainer in Mediation accredited by the Ministry of Justice, trainer and instructor in NATO contexts in Negotiation and Communication Techniques, Analyst and Criminologist, she is constantly engaged in analysis and research, both theoretical and practical, of contexts characterized by instability, crisis and / or conflict.

Advisor in private and institutional sectors, she has held political analyst positions, proudly serving within NATO environments.

She carries out consultancy activities in Negotiation, Research, Analysis and Criminological and victimological consultancy and activities in Italian and English.

She has published several texts (currently in Italian version) including:

  • ‘The Science of Mediation: theoretical-epistemological foundations and practical profiles’, with an original scientific approach to Mediation intended as a tool capable of contributing to the de-escalation of the conflict and the dynamic stabilization of conflict contexts (both macro and micro) link book
  • ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighters and International Law’, with particular focus on the identification of the behavioral indicators revealing radicalization processes related to both terrorist phenomena and violent extremism link book

“In order to achieve the success you deserve as your birthright:
Develop your own Life Vision,
Adopt a Grateful Attitude,
 Connect with the World,
 Share Different Skills,
Constantly and Daily Improve Yourself,
Respect Human Values,
Achieve Mutual Benefits.
In brief, no matter what, how or where, Always Be Yourself and Be Excellent To Each Other.”

Michela Ravarini



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