Integrated Legal System


I offer preparation, flexibility and a pragmatic approach in my professional job, integrating the skills acquired and consolidated over the years in various professional sectors, which have nourished and grew mutually, ranging from the legal to the criminological sector, from the analytical and negotiation and mediation sector to the psycho-pedagogical one.

Therefore I make available an integrated system of multidisciplinary knowledge, mutually connected and converging around the central core of the Consulting model that I propose, focused on the analysis of the interests and needs of the Customer, both as an individual and as an individual inserted in contexts and systems more wide, from the family-system to the enterprise-system, private or public, having as focus the constant empowerment of the Customer, both as a single and as a Organization.


The focus of my professional Consulting activities is to guarantee the Customer my assistance in the analysis of their current scenario and my assistance in the management of the critical dynamics. I adopt the perspective that each scenario, if well managed, can become a challenge and constructive opportunity to reach better goals, both for the individual and for his/her reference system.

In the case in which the crisis/conflict dynamics reveal sociological and behavioral variations that deviate from civil and legal acceptable behaviors, I will give my assistance for consultancy Criminological reports, or for Criminal Profiling consultancy, and if necessary also Victimological reports, in order to collaborate and effective share my skills with the Public  Authority and its institutions and Security Agencies/Department.


My aim is giving to the Customer, through my Consulting services, the opportunity to constructively reflect on the nature of the critical situation that it is going through, on the factors that are determining it, on the possible future scenarios, and consequently act.

Through my Consulting services I work with the Customer to examine the most relevant variables, a necessary step to make a decision, choose a course of action, analyzing the context in detail and planning the most appropriate action strategies.

Through this approach, where it is crucial to develop adequate preparation and an open mindset in order to face critical events, it is possible to minimize the potential harmful impact of any unexpected event that could interfere with the results that the Customer wants to achieve. In fact, although the unexpected can never be completely eliminated, the preparation and an overall and global vision of the context, can allow not only to face it with serenity, but transform it into own advantage, thus obtaining the Customer personal desired goals.

As I mentioned in my Home Page, I deeply convinced that my Consulting services can be a mutual benefit asset for all the Customer which share with me a Vision which I summarize in this statement:

In brief, no matter what, how or where, Always Be Yourself and Be Excellent To Each Other.