Mediation Consultancy

Taking into account my long experience as Mediator, I offer Mediation Consultancy in order to assist the various parts involved in an internal dispute within a Company/Public department or agency, to seek a shared agreement preventing that the conflict reaches a judge in the Court, guaranteeing the confidentiality and discretion in the disputes’ management.

What a Company/Public department or agency, which is crossing a conflictual ground inside of its own reality, brings to the Court or has to manage in exhausting negotiations tables, quite often not effective if involve lawyers and works unions, subjects that sometimes speak different and sometimes irreconcilable languages, often turns out to be a relational problem that has been underestimated in the previous discussions, or not recognized, concerning a job or a task, or a misunderstood perception of this job or task.

A problem, even if it is a perception problem, not intercepted in time or not resolved, fosters and feeds future conflicts, which especially in private Company/Public department or agency, are subject to slow and inconspicuous maturations, intended to explode at the end with virulence, contaminating the working environment as a whole through temporary alliances and contrasts. As a result the working environment loses in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, generating disaffection feelings among all the human resources involved, both in the short and long term.

Even if certainly the conflict can be solved by negotiating, it is necessary to underline that this chance is possible only if the same conflict has not already become chronic and/or excessively intense. In fact, if the litigants are polarized and radicalized on their own positions, a third subject, such as a Mediator, is needed, intervening between the two parties in order to prevent the escalation of a destructive and dysfunctional communication in which everyone wants to speak and nobody wants to listen, re - orienting this communication within constructive tracks for everyone, and for a mutual benefit.

Taking into account that European Countries as well as International Institutions that foresee the specific and fundamental role of the ombudsman (literally 'man who acts as an intermediary'), I’m available to assume this same role of Mediator within the Companies/Public departments, providing previous analysis of the relational context and assessing the presence of predictive signals of conflict, proposing an effective preventive/corrective intervention, intercepting the needs through an active listening to the subordinate worker and mediating with senior management staff, or mediating and solve internal conflicts between groups of workers/members which are positioned at the same level of the organization.

In addition, I offer a Mediation Consultancy which has the benefit to bring out feelings of disappointment, distrust and perceived injustice, all indicators that, according to the latest criminological researches, could be the ground and pretext to the formation of Insider Threat within the Company/Public department or agency. In this sense, I offer a Mediation Consultancy with the aim also to detect, identify and prevent this potential threat.

Therefore, in the context of Company/Public department or agency, the main Mediation’s focus is oriented to the analysis and management of the relations between subjects operating within these structures, and to the identification of the indicator which could be degenerate in the formation of Insider Threats. Then, this Mediation Consultancy has the final aim to have a beneficial impact on the goals and visions of the organization in itself as a whole system, working for its own Security.

To request a first meeting, which will take place as the first consultation, as well as the first informative  meeting, please simply send an email to indicating in as much detail as possible your specific situation, the location of the Company/Public department or Agency, and contact details.

I authorized the treatment of confidential data as regulated by the Law, taking into account the policy privacy.

Once the activation request has been received, it will be communicated if the assignment is assumed and the amount due for a first meeting.

The Mediation Consultancy takes place in person, at the headquarters of the Company/Public department or Agency.

In order to obtain the Consultancy, it will be necessary to send by e-mail ( the certificate of payment by PayPal, a copy of the Identity Card and the Tax Code, the Company’s VAT number, and any other further and any document required, necessary for the purpose of the consultation.