Parent Coordination

Certified as Parent Coordinator for highly conflicting parental couples, I prepare specific paths of Parental Coordination, an American derivation method, where it is widely spread and applied in the management of specific family disputes, characterized by very high conflicts.

The Parental Coordination is a child-centered method to solve family disputes, in cases of separation and divorce, in which a certified professional consultant helps parents, if highly conflicting, to define and implement their parenting plan, an agreement structured in detail to meet, at its best, the needs of the children.

The Parental Coordinator task consists in addressing the parental couple to build and respect the parental plan, in all the detailed and crucial aspects related to their children: for example for all the aspects linked to their socio-affective development, their health, their education.
The directive and authoritative approach assumed by the Parental Coordinator requires also that he/she empowers the couple transmitting knowledge of child psychology, pedagogy, and effective communication techniques. The Coordinator plays an arbitration role, verifying the veracity of the parents statements, and the adherence of their behaviors to the Court prescriptions. He/She can meet the children of the couple, and the significant figures for the minor, and all the persons involved in the conflict context (lawyers, social services, educational institutions, psychologists, etc ...), identifying and orienting each professional contribute into a synergy of intents, in order to make effective the coordination plan of the parental couple.

That means that the Parental Coordinator has an active role as moderator and supervisor with the function of assistance, control, direction and organization; moreover, he/she takes care to follow and support the parents in the execution phase of the established program, regardless of the source of the plan, both judicial and agreed between the parties.

To request the activation of a Parental Coordination path, please simply fill in the form below indicating in as detailed as possible your specific situation, and contact details to be contacted. The Parent Coordination meetings take place online (on Skype platform) and therefore the couple’s members can be in physically different places.

I authorized the treatment of confidential data as regulated by the Law, taking into account the policy privacy.

Once the activation request has been received, it will be communicated if the assignment is assumed.

The first meeting will take place as the first consultation, as well as the first informative meeting on the overall path. Therefore following the first meeting it will be possible to freely evaluate the feasibility to  activate the parental coordination process.

The cost of each consultation meeting with the parent couple is $ 100.00 in total.

In order to obtain the Consultancy, it will be necessary to send by e-mail ( the certificate of payment by PayPal, a copy of the Identity Card and the Tax Code, and any other further and any document required, necessary for the purpose of the consultation.